'Carnival' front-end for TTS Application 'festival' .

Hi all,

I am working on Gnome desktop.

I have installed text-to-speech application’festival’. It is working reasonably well by command-line. I wanted to install a front-end for it. Googled it and found ‘carnival’ (carnival-1.03-bin-gtk.zip) and downloaded it from Sourceforge. The ‘Readme’ file gives no clue on how to install. An abstract is appended below:
“SOURCE ZIPFirst of all, note that Carnival uses the wxWidgets framework
(http://www.wxwidgets.org)! This means, in order to be able
to compile the sources, you must have a version of wxWidgets
on your computer (2.4.X or higher).
Several makefiles are delivered in this package, also workspace
files for MS VC++.
If you use those project files (VC++), the easiest way would be
to copy the files to a new directory under the samples directory,
this should then immediately work (aka compile).
Most *nix users should probably use the .unx makefile.”

Frankly I do not make any head or tale of it!

Would request for help from knowledgeable persons on how to install the application. Unzipped the ‘zip’ file and found the following files in the folder:

rsp@dell-linux:~/Desktop/carnival-1.03-bin-gtk> ls
carnival  Copying.txt  readme.txt  sable.htm  ssml.htm

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Not sure how 12 year old software would work :wink:

Install the espeak-gui.

Hi Malcolm,

I had installed espeak-GUI as advised by you earlier also, but I wanted better speech. ‘Festival’ from CMU has good speech. Hunting for a front-end for it, I came across ‘carnival’. ‘Carnival’ seems a good bet. Hence, wanted to try that.

However, I got the wrong package from Sourceforge. I have now got their ‘src’ package. While compiling it, I get the following error:

rsp@dell-linux:~/Desktop/carnival-1.03-src> make carnival
g++     carnival.cpp   -o carnival
carnival.cpp:26:23: fatal error: wx/wxprec.h: No such file or directory
 #include "wx/wxprec.h"
compilation terminated.
<builtin>: recipe for target 'carnival' failed
make: *** [carnival] Error 1

But all the ‘include’ files required by carnival.cpp including ‘wxprec.h’ are present in my ‘/usr/include/wx-3.0/wx’ directory; but the application cannot find it.

Where could it be looking for it?

Help would be much appreciated.

Kindest Regards,


It would be…

make -f makefile.unx