Can't update openSuse 12.3: /repodata/repomd.xml not found

I just installed openSuse 12.3 and everytime I try to update I get this error:
File ‘/repodata/repomd.xml’ not found on medium ‘
I searched for the problem but nothing seemed to work.
My IPv6 is not enabled (like one thread suggested) and disabling de Non-Oss repo then enabling it again didn’t work either (like other thread suggested).
I’m able to access the exact location of the missing file “repomd.xml” on Firefox and download it, but I don’t know where I can put it to resolve the problem.
What do I do?

You can’t put it anywhere to help with this problem. (you could download the whole repo though)

So you can access the repo fine with Firefox, but zypper/Yast can’t?
Don’t you have this problem with other repos as well? If not, just disable this one. You don’t really need it anyway.

Are you using a proxy, by chance?

IIRC, there were problems with using zypper behind a proxy (don’t know if they’re fixed now). But could also just be a configuration issue.

Could you post the output of:

sudo zypper -v ref

Oh, sorry. I had another look at your post and found your problem:
You have the wrong repo URL!rotfl!

You have:

but it should be:

So enter YaST->Software Repositories and change it there…

Thank you wolfi!
Changing the URL resolved the issue.
Silly of me that I browsed the repositories with firefox and didn’t notice that the path was different.
But it’s also weird that it came this way from the ISO I installed.
Anyway, it works perfectly now.
Thanks again!

On 06/15/2013 06:06 PM, dex19dt wrote:
> it’s also weird that it came this way from the ISO I installed.

which iso was that? and, did you md5 or sha1 check it for purity
prior to installing?



I’ve always had the non-oss repo configured as the OP originally posted (without the “suse” appendage) and it has always worked for me.

From my machine, the non-oss repo

34 | repo-non-oss                      | openSUSE-12.3-Non-Oss                            | Yes     | Yes     |   99     | yast2  | 

So, I can agree that if the machine can’t find repomd.xml, then adding “suse” to the URI would fix the problem but it begs the problem why the repo <should> have worked configured the original way.

My machine was both upgraded using a zypper dup from 12.2 and also recently re-ran zypper dup pointing to an install ISO. Have since done “zypper ref” and “zypper up” several times without complaints about unable to refresh the repo.

I would encourage the OP to return the URI to the original to test if it was just a transient problem (happens all the time. Wait 10-40 minutes and try again).


To clear up some confusion:
[noparse][/noparse] works as well and is indeed set by default (I couldn’t check that when I answered).

The repo’s actual URL is in fact [noparse][/noparse].
But libzypp appends the “suse” automatically if needed.

So the most likely reason for the OP’s problem is indeed that the repo was temporarily unreachable (for whatever reason).