can't see real file uid gid and permissions on samba shares

When I browse samba shares from nautilus, konqueror or dolphin, I can’t see the real uid, gid and permissions of the files.
In the case of konqueror uid and gid are replaced by the uid and gid of the machine user.
I have “unix extensions” enabled on the server.
Is this a bug, do I need to configure something?

Unix extensions are mentioned in man smb.conf as follows:

This boolean parameter controls whether Samba implments the CIFS UNIX extensions, as defined by HP. These extensions enable Samba to better serve UNIX CIFS clients by supporting features such as symbolic links, hard links, etc… These extensions require a similarly enabled clien…

That doesn’t seem to relate to your problem. Also, just for your interest, unix extensions are turned on by default.

I think the permissions you get, as opposed to the permissions you see, are the result of comparing the Samba sharing permissions with the underlying Linux permissions and selecting the more constraining of the two (called “bitwising”).

I’m not sure where hte permissions you see come from.