Can't run VirualBox OSE 2.0.x on Gnome

I’m trying to set up VirtualBox OSE on a Gnome desktop, I installed virtualbox and all of its dependencies, and set it, following my knowedge of it and the Wiki page here but I get a werid error when I try to open it up. For some reason it wants root permmissions, I added the current user to the vbox group, the exact error is

VirtualBox:  SUPR3HardenedMain: effective uid is not root (euid=100 egid=100 uid=1000 gid=100

The reason I find this weird is that version 1.6.2-2.1 did not need this on my install on my desktop or my laptop.

Running it as root works though, for some reason, now this defeats the propose of having VirtualBox installed because I need to allow different people with no knowedge of Linux to be able to get on fire up virtualbox (without root permissions) and play around under that.