Can't resume from suspend with kernel 2.6.39-30

Hi I just upgraded to kernel 2.6.39 this morning without any issues but this afternoon I found that I can’t resume from suspend, it just spits out a bunch of numbers and I have to hold down the power button to turn it off, I was using kernel 2.6.39-rc6 in Debian not long ago before I switched to openSUSE and I had no problems with suspend and resume, so I don’t know if its a regression in the latest kernel release or not, has anyone else experienced the same issues?
I have an Acer Aspire 6530g

Anyway I need to suspend so I have gone back to kernel 2.6.37 in the mean time.


I just upgraded to that kernel and tested both sleep and suspend. Both work for me without issues. So not a general kernel regression. I’m using a Dell Optiplex with Nvidia graphics.