Can't read grub screen

Did live update of 15.0 to 15.1 yesturday and now grub2 boot screen is not readable. I had to use a mahnifying glass to see what it says. Text is impossibly small. Continues that way through level text checking everything and at main screen have really tiny icons no text below as is normal and task bar at bottom is extremely tiny.

I adjusted them to larger so I can read what is written and at next boot they again are tiny.

So chose to boot copy of 13.1 and then 15.0 copy of what I had and text is back to readable. reboot and text in grub is tiny as is 15.1

There was a choice some time ago to set text size in grub but can’t find it now maybe writers got rid of it who knows.

Can I resolve grub and 15.1 to show decent size text?? can anyone help.

You can try in YaST Boot Loader to reduce the console resolution on the kernel parameters tab, which should result in bigger text.
And/or, try switching on or off use graphical console on the same YaST screen.

Please paste in here, using code tags, output from running the inxi info collection script in an X terminal or Konsole:

inxi -GxxSza