Can't network print via TRENDnet USB server in 11.1

I have installed 11.1 (in dual-boot with XP) and then tried to set up the existing Brother HL-2040 networked printer (which works perfectly well for the XP and Vista computers on my network) via our TRENDnet USB print server.

I found and downloaded the Brother lpr and wrapper drivers and tried all variations of setting the network printing up with Yast2. Nothing I tried worked (I was only guessing really) …:’(

I used to have Ubuntu and I had been able to do it with that but don’t recall what I did.

Any suggestions most welcome!

Thanks, Joseph

You need to print via lpd to get it working. Also,make sure the Trendnet server has a static ip,which will make it easier to find


Thank you, that worked … lol!

Cheers, Joseph

Cool, glad you got sorted,now enjoy :slight_smile: