can't muont ipod shuffle 2gb

I need help about how to mount my old ipod shuffle 2gb on my opensuse 11.2 KDE 4.3.5 “release 3”.
if i plug my ipod on my usb port than nothing happens. no auto mount, nothing, i can’t see it or access it on my dolphin.
my ipod works great on my windows vista partition zzzzzz.
so how can i check the mount partition for my ipod or even create and test this partition manually? like, step-by-step instructions. any clue? anyone?
i got the gtkpod installed but e can’t use with my ipod because there’s no connection for my device.
any help will be welcome.
thank you.

What happens on that usb port when you plug in an ordinary memory stick?

I have an ipod shuffle 2GB (2nd generation), gtkpod, and KDE 4.3.5 release 0 (updated from the official update repo). How did you get your “release 3”?

What generation/type of shuffle do you have?

You should get notification on plugin, as “Devices recently plugged in” via the Device Notifier in your desktops Panel, and it should appear in the “Removable Storage” section of the K menu’s “Computer” tab as mounted. Mine has both, and it also appears in the Disk Information section of My Computer in the Desktop Folder, if you have that.

BTW, a warm welcome to the forum, as I see this is your first post.