can't mount NTFS partitions anymore

I used to be able to mount my external hard drive’s ntfs partition by simply clicking on it, but now I can’t anymore… I know that the last time I’ve used it with windoze, I had to force shut the **** thing down 'cause it was frozen real good (pretty unusual right !?!). The thing is, with ubuntu it sees it and mounts it no problem.

Please help. Thanks!

There is said to be a bug that can be fixed by editing a configuration text file called /ect/filesystems. In KDE, do a menu Run Command and enter:

kdesu kwrite /ect/filesystems

and add ntfs to the end of the file so that it looks like this:


You will be adding in the ntfs at the end of the file. I have placed the text in bold that you add, but it will not be in bold in your file. Save your changes and reboot and then see if your External ntfs drives will mount properly.

Thank You,

See the first, sticky, thread in this Hardware subforum!

And many threads about the same. A little bit of searching before posting would have helped you almost certainly.