Can't login on Firefox! Get error: "The page isn't redirecting properly"

I am unable to login to the forums on Firefox. When I try, it (correctly) goes to the Novell login screen, but after submit, it tries to load and the browser shows:

**The page isn't redirecting properly**
Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

I cleared cookies for:

but it still doesn’t work! Even trying in a private tab doesn’t work! What can be done do to fix this?

I get that redirection error sometimes, but in a different case (and it is in fact an old one, coming back now and then).

The problem is that my knowledge goes no further then an advice to clear all cookies related to the forums, but you did that already :frowning:

When that has happened here, I have usually been able to login to the bugzilla. And, once that is done, I am usually able to access the forums.

Shutting down “firefox” and restarting it will probably also work. Most of the cookies involved are session cookies which are not retained after the end of the session.

My last ditch method, if even that fails, is to use konqueror.

I tried restarting after clearing the cookies, still didn’t work

Novell uses a ton of cookies
i had a similar issue a bit back

just MAKE 100% SURE that "block deleted cookies from reinstalling " is disabled

and delete the TWO different sets of cookies

yes there are TWO sets of them
novell sets 9 cookies
suse sets 8 cookies

then relog in to novell and come over to the forum

What about attachmate?


forgot about that one