can't login as root in GUI

HI guys, sorry I’m fully newbie in Linux and can’t login as root when I’m trying it via Gnome. There is an error - user ‘root’ is missing (or something like that). ctrl+alt+f1 and I can login as root, but how to make it work in gui?
Also, when I’m logged in gui and then switching to cli & then run yast, the system doesn’t answer after couple minutes of working and doesn’t respond to any key.
pls help.

Never, Never, ever log into GUI as root.

Login as normal user and use “su” or “sudo” for administrative tasks.

Don’t log in to GUI as root, it causes all manner of problems…

If you need a root terminal, just type ‘su’ in it.

If you run YaST from the menu, it should ask you for your root password, and should run fine…

[Hehehe Akoellh, I seem to be stalking you… ;)]

That’s what i’m doing. I’m trying to run Yast from GUI, then typing root password and then getting error screen user ‘root’ doesn’t exists. When i’m trying to end user session and login as root - the same. The only one way I have - ctrl+alt+f1.

Now that is a problem…

You checked num lock / caps lock aren’t set while you’re typing in the password?

Is your keyboard layout regional?

Although I don’t know why it would say root doesn’t exist if these were the problems…

Is this a new install? Did you check the md5sum and verify the burn before you installed?

I don’t know what is md5sm :frowning: This problem happend after power off when system didn’t respond to any key on yast runned under cli. I just reinstall Suse. Now it’s ok. But I can’t find answer in www anywhere, only answers for ubuntu where is no root by defaut. But this is not my case. And I don’t know what to do if it happens once again when I will need login as root only from cli :frowning:

If you read the sticky thread at the top of the forum, it’ll tell you about md5sums.

You shouldn’t (most of the time) have to turn your PC off if it crashes.

Try ctrl-alt- and backspace (pressed twice). Try ctrl-alt-f1, then log in as root, and type reboot.

If they don’t work, hold right alt (alt gr) and print screen (sys rq), and then type REISUB very slowly… Hold each letter for a second or so, and leave two or three seconds between them.

Normally that resets a crashed linux system.

But, if I understand you correctly, you’ve reinstalled, yes? And it works - that’s good. But trust me - you shouldn’t ever have to log into GUI as root. What happens now if you run something like YaST from the menu? Does it ask for your root password? Does it work?

Thank You very muchfor hotkeys to reset crashed linux system. I guess I will use them very often during next couple months :slight_smile:
Yes, I did reinstall of suse and now it’s works normally and allows me to run sys utils like yast form gui and doesn’t tell me that there is no ‘root’ in system after typed password of root at prompt.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Good that it works now. You probably killed something important by turning it off at the wrong moment. Unfortunately, sometimes you have no choice but to do this; when this happens, try to leave it for a few minutes first, and hope that the filesystem has finished writing everything into a consistent state.

But normally, especially using the alt-sysrq REISUB trick (I remember it by noting that it’s “busier” backwards), you can reset a system gracefully.

You can learn more about this by googling ‘magic sysrq key’.

Have fun!

Woops! :shame:

I forgot it isn’t actually on by default in SUSE.

You need to run YaST, then select ‘kernel settings’, and the kernel settings tab.

There will be a ‘enable sys rq keys’ box. Tick it, and you’re away…