Can't log into Gnome

I have XFCE and Gnome with OpenSUSE 11.1 and I can’t log into Gnome anymore. When I select Gnome from the login manager, it starts, but then the screen flashes and I’m sent back to the login window where I have to select xfce.

I enabled desktop effects last time I was in Gnome and maybe something went wrong with compiz?

Any help?

Disable desktop effects from xfce… reset sax to initial settings. Should work.

Still can’t get into Gnome…

I tried disabling effects in xfce, resetting Sax, if by that you mean running “sax2 -r” as root and that didn’t help.

Well, all I could suggest then is, just get in the software management and reinstall gnome desktop environment. Will loose all the themes you’ve installed. That’s pretty much it.

Good luck, If I come up with something else, I’ll post back asap.

I don’t know if i would reinstall gnome but try and remove compiz in software manager, do a search for compiz and anything relating to it delete it then restart and see if that don’t help

It doesn’t have anything to do with Compiz. I have a similar problem (Compiz is disabled). Though in my case this happens when I try to Login to XFCE; after inputting the p/w second time, I can login.