Can't load nvidia-drm.ko after update

After update to 4.4.90 (if I recall correctly) I can’t installing full nvidia driver (downloaded from nvidia site) - during install just after building I get “can’t load nvidia-drm.ko” message. After reverting to previous kernel version (and previous kernel-devel) it installs correctly.

Maybe you should post the whole log.

But do you try the latest Driver?
Its under the Beta Tab at nvidia homepage:

nvidia-settings -v

nvidia-settings:  version 387.12  (buildmeister@swio-display-x86-rhel47-04)  Thu Sep 28 20:48:19 PDT
  The NVIDIA X Server Settings tool.

  This program is used to configure the NVIDIA Linux graphics driver.
  For more detail, please see the nvidia-settings(1) man page.

drm-kmp-default is also deinstalled?

This is about Leap. why don’t you use the NVIDIA repo ? When using the NVIDIA blob you;ll need to rebuild the driver. Where using the repo you’d be having the updated kernel module

@Sauderland: ahhh… I see it now - one of the updates pulled back drm-kmp-default. As soon as I removed it (again) all went as it should :slight_smile: .

@Knurpht: I’d love to. The reason I didn’t is simple - the instructions from SDB:NVIDIA drivers - openSUSE Wiki didn’t work for me. After adding the repo, when I typed (as instructed):

zypper install-new-recommends

it didn’t pull a single thing. Thus I reverted to the distro-agnostic (I’m new to OpenSUSE) way I know .


zypper install nvidia-glG04 x11-video-nvidiaG04 nvidia-gfxG04-kmp-default nvidia-computeG04

Change the G04 as necessary, depending on the version you wish to install.

Thank you Tannington - how can I check what options (G04? - how would I know that) are available?
Also is there a way to edit the wiki as at this moment the Nvidia part is not really helpfull for new users if it does not cover this part. If there’s a way I’d be happy to add those.

Which driver you install is dependant upon the video card you have.

I’ve just checked the nvidia leap 42.3 repo and it currently has:

G02 - V304.
G03 - V340.
G04 - V384.

If you take a look at this nvidia page:
you can see which video cards those drivers support.

The wiki page you linked to has a “login” link at the top right. It’s the same login credentials as the forum. I’m sorry, but I don’t know if there are any restrictions on who is able to edit the pages.

Yast > Software Manager. In the search box type nvidia. Press enter. :slight_smile:

Seriously, Yast software manager (as well as it’s other modules) is great. You can easily see what’s installed, what versions are available from which repos (just click the versions tab), what repos are enabled in configurations menu > repos - that will temporarily switch you to Yast’s repositories module and back, etc.

Now, I like the command line as much as any other end user (i.e., if I must), but yast is special, it pays to learn how to use it.