Can't install KDE add-ons

If i want to install a theme, or icons pack, it get stuck with an error.
Network error 4: Socked operation timed out
Someone know the location of Themes for manually extract new themes?


As we are not mind readers and because there are so many places to configure KDE (or many other programs), please explain what you are doing.

Nothing strange. Just trying to install new global themes, icons, plasma styles with the settings. (Settings>Global Themes> Get new Themes).
This is a fresh Leap 15.3 installation.

Is possible to install themes manually?

So you get this directly after you click ‘Get new Global Themes’?

Yes. Very slow to load themes. and get stuck if try to install one.

Which in fact seems to mean:

No, it loads the teams (very, very slow), but when I then click on one to install it, I get “Network error 4: Socked operation timed out”.

Non started to work, always slow but work.

There’s a KDE Store – <; –

[HR][/HR]It seems that, the root cause of your issue is, your system’s inability to resolve (Internet) Network Addresses –

  • If you open the KDE e.V. home page – <; – and navigate to the bottom right hand corner of the page – “Destinations
    ” – can you open the KDE Store URL? - In the KDE System Settings → section “Network” → section “Settings” – which Proxy setting do you have?

Yes, i knew. But where are located themes in opensuse/KDE? I always used XFCE.

Apart from the Plasma5 openSUSE theme – package “plasma5-theme-openSUSE” – a search for “plasma-theme” in <; will reveal a couple of packages mostly tucked away as private builds …

The default location for KDE Plasma themes is, the KDE Store …

Huh???!!! You’re attempting to load KDE Plasma themes into XFCE???

I have seen various network error messages using Plasma:s theming downloads, and I think has very limited bandwith, and Plasma is not able to give a reasonable error message. It’s better to use it at quieter times.

I think the OP meant he was previously using XFCE.

Themes should be installed to:

System/Default: /usr/share/plasma/desktoptheme/
User Installed: ~/.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/

For full details of KDE Themeing see: