can't install 13.1 - get "input signal out of range"

I am unable to install SUSE 13.1, as I immediately get the error msg, "Input signal out of range."
I’m installing to the following system

  • MB = gigbyte G41M-ES2H motherboard
  • 4gb ram
  • video card = EVGA nVidea geforce 430
  • monitor = IBM Thinkvision - L201P, model 9320-hb2

I could not find any help on-line.
Is there any help here, as I’m not getting that warm fuzzy feeling I was hoping for with Linux. :’(

Try to press ‘F3’ and choose “No KMS” at the boot menu screen of the installation CD/DVD:

If you do not have that option, press ‘e’, search for the line starting with “linux” (or “linuxefi”) and append “nomodeset” at the end. Then press ‘F10’ to boot and start the installation.

After the installation, you should probably install the proprietary nvidia driver for best results: