Can't get freenx client installed correctly :(

Hi everyone. I’m trying to install freenx client v. 0.9-24.65(application for graphical remote access) via Yast on suse 11.1, but it doesn’t go as it should. Yast says the application has been installed correctly, but I can not find it anywhere, even though it is marked as installed in Yast. Where did freenx go :frowning: If I do a query via rpm as root, I get

linux-e685:~ # rpm -ql freenx-client

Where has it gone? Any advice welcome, thanks.

I would imagine the client is this; /usr/bin/qtnx since it’s in the bin

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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malcolmlewis you’re right, I should have looked better:shame:, thanks