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I am trying to install eyeon fusion 6.2
it uses a modifed version of wine 64bit
when I try to install t ,it says “nothing provides needed by eyeon_wine-”
Now what should I do?

> Now what should I do?

google helps :slight_smile:

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It’s part of unixODBC which isn’t packaged for openSUSE…

Google does not help that much . . . that is just going to send him on a wild goose chase.

And as Malcomlewsis states unixODBC is not packaged for Suse - so what next?

Sure, you can find some random rpm to install, and maybe - just maybe - you might luck out and it will not itself have other dependencies. Most likely, it will and you then have three choices:

  • Force the install of the one RPM you are trying to get to get the specific library you need ( in this case)
  • Try to get the other rpms required
  • Or build it yourself from source.

Of course - - you might run into other missing libraries beyond - and the same procedure would apply. It is for this reason that software repositories exist: to make your life easier, but obviously not all repos have all applications, and when they don’t you have to delve a bit deeper, if you really have a burning desire to have a particular application.

Typically, in a situation like this, you might get the rpm from a place like rpm pbone:

RPM Search

You can even use the “check requires” button to see if you have all the dependencies - - you won’t. But you can download the rpm and install it anyway, just use rpm -ivh --nodeps Yes, people will tell you this is horrible, and do avoid whenever possible, but if you are just trying to get the lib you need this is about the easiest way.

Other options include:

Finding an actual Suse Repo that would provide this library and any dependencies - - I didn’t see one readily available.

Build it yourself. This library is part of an ODBC tool, apparently used in Fedora. You can download the source rpm (again from rpm pbone) and try building the rpm with:

you@linux:~/Downloads> rpmbuild --rebuild unixODBC-2.2.14-12.fc14.src.rpm 
Installing unixODBC-2.2.14-12.fc14.src.rpm

You can then install the resulting rpm. (This of course may run into further issues and dependencies.)

Lastly: Try to find the official project, and build from the sources provided there. In this case, you could search for UnixODBC: unixODBC

Given enough effort you can satisfy the requirements by obtaining or building them and be able to install the application - - sometimes though, it is really a matter of deciding how much you want to invest. If it is available for another distro, another option is to run it in a Virtual machine (VirtualBox), which is not ideal of course, but at least provides a way for you to use it.

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And by the way, I see this is your first post - - welcome to the forum.

Lews Therin

Ahhhh!! Your title and the error don’t match… obdc and odbc

I was searching on obdc…

unixODBC is part of the standard install!!

zypper in unixODBC

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unixODBC installs


You could always try the old symlink trick - it may or may not work:

ln -s /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib64/

This will sometimes get you by, but all depends on the libs it links to, etc. While this trick will get you some eye rolling, it also works a fair amount of the time.