Can't enter my system anymore (((


I changed some settings in user options in YaST2, i.e. “Cancel user entrance to system”,
and I can’t enter my system anymore. Tried different boot modes (safe, IceWM) - console says “Wrong user name”. :’(
What to do?

At the login screen hit Crtl+Alt+F1. Now you can login to a console session, i.e. a nongraphical session. Do that, as “root”.

Then type ‘yast’ to start YaST with the ncurses interface. Undo your damage (<-- OK, that sounds a little bit hazy, but I guess you know best what exactly you did).

Hit Crtl+Alt+F7 to get back to the graphical login screen. Login as you.

If that works, hit Crtl+Alt+F1 to get back to the open root session and close it (‘exit’).

How do I enter root session? It doesn’t accept my login. Which login to use?

Username for root is “root”. :stuck_out_tongue: Password should be the same that you used to start YaST2.

But make sure it is a non-graphical session. Warnings against GUI logins as root are plenty.

thanks a lot! it just works!))