Can't disable Suspend on lid close


I have set my laptop to do nothing on lid close.
What happens is that regardless of the setting I use, it will always suspend on lid close. But then if I try to resume it, it will simply shutdown, instead of normally resuming!

You need to always tell us your openSUSE version and Desktop version. This could be a KDE problem, but since it is not universal, that is, this works OK for me for instance with openSUSE 12.3 and KDE 4.10.5 “release 1”. I suggest, depending on the version numbers you report back, is to upgrade your kernel, now up to 3.12.0 (which I am using) and all in between.

I have a blog on the subject you can read here: openSUSE and Installing New Linux Kernel Versions - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

Give it serious consideration and ask any questions you may have. You have an issue and it will require some action on your part to fix.

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This is embarrassing :shame:
But after a whole day revolving around this, I noticed that I set the computer to “Do Nothing” when the power button is pressed, and “Shutdown” on lid close!
Still the fact that it suspends when I close the lid, and only shutdowns when I attempt to resume it after seems to indicate that something isn’t quite alright! Though that only happens if I set it to shutdown on lid close, on-demand shutdown and sleep, work both fine.
I notice that removing the amd proprietary drivers fixes the issue, but I need them if I want my battery to last more than 1 hour.

You are right I did not provide any indormation relating to my openSUSE version, I was in a hurry earlier today,
openSUSE 12.3 kernel 3.7.10-1.16-desktop.

Well basically, you answered you own question. I have found the same problem with the nVIDIA driver. I feel that there may be no solution short of trying to up the kernel version and still get the AMD driver to load, but really, I think not using the video diver is the fix for you or loading the AMD driver and don’t use hibernation, which I don’t think is that hard to do.

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