can't create new directory?

Hi–I’m trying to install stellarium in opensuse 11.4. So it says to extract the tarball source code into a directory.

So where should I put this directory? When I try to extract it I cannot create a directory. Does this have to be done as root?

The instructions are here:

I am a definite linux noob and have not attempted anything like this before so any help would be appreciated.

Why not just install the ready made package? Search Results

Would it be easier just to click this


Here is a bit of advice to someone raw to openSUSE,

This might be the preferred order when considering options installing software. Note that a “managed package” installation is preferable to ease initial install and to automatically update later on.

1a. Use YAST to search for and install packages
1b. Use zypper to search for and install packages
2. Install packages from Download openSUSE 11.4
3. Use RPM to search for and install packages
4. Install generic RPMs from repositories not sanctioned by openSUSE (note this might not auto update)
5. Install from source (note this will not auto update and install might be difficult)

Installing from source should be the last resort.