Can't boot slowroll kernel from update repository

I converted one Tumbleweed installation to slowroll and it’s working great, however I do have this problem.

> sudo zypper se -sx kernel-default.x86_64
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S  | Name           | Type    | Version     | Arch   | Repository
i+ | kernel-default | package | 6.4.12-1.13 | x86_64 | update
i+ | kernel-default | package | 6.4.11-1.1  | x86_64 | base-oss

I installed kernel-default-6.4.12-1.13 from the update repository, but it won’t boot. Is there a missing certificate I need to install?



I should have mentioned that the update repo kernel boots with secure boot off, but not with secure boot on.


Yes, there is.

There was probably a blue screen on boot, with MokManager asking to enroll that certificate.

You should be able to boot the previous kernel. Use the advanced options line in the grub menu.

The certificate you need to enroll should be on your system:


You can enroll it with:

mokutil --root-pw --import /etc/uefi/certs/FFF96EF6.crt

and you should get a blue screen on your next boot with an option to enroll the certificate.

You may need to run that “mokutil” command as root.

Thanks, that worked perfectly. How does one know which .crt file to enroll and where it’s located without asking on the forum?


It is probably in the file list for that kernel.

I just used the lazy method, and looked for the one with the most recent date. And yes, I had to manually enroll that cert here.