cant access to share folder

hi all

my question’s title is my problem.
i had installed vbox(Windws Host, Linux Guest) and shared a folder on my Windwos, my shared folder is shared truly but i cant access in guest(Linux)
i installed vbox Guest Additoins too.

how can i access to it?

tnx lot.

Hi, have you installed (on the host) the relevant Extension Pack available here ?

thnak you
i dont installed it already, but now i am installed now.

but know how can see my shared folder?

Assuming that in your host VB panel you see under “Shared Folders”:
Name: <folder_name> Path: <path to shared folder (on the host)> Auto-mount: Yes Access: Full
when you start your Virtual machine the shared folder on the guest (virtual) operating system should be visible at:
If you don’t see it maybe something is wrong with the Guest additions.