Canon pixma Ip4500 and margins

I have bought Canon pixma Ip4500.
I got a problem with it’s margins, canon is cropping image to margins, I try to change default margins and try the shrink, crop, expand options but none of them works.
Now it is printing a page with margins but photo is still cropped.
Any ideas?

so you are running opensuse 11.0 ? and you have KDE or Gnome running? and your Canon was configured using YaST?

and is it one programme that is giving you problems, or every one that you try?

Canon do make a printer driver (for linux) for this printer; there is an rpm version available, so should be installable on suse:

Printer Driver for Linux

ok, when I installed drivers from canon’s website it is working perfectly now :slight_smile:
Thanks for help :shake:

great; glad this is working for you; it is new for canon to offer drivers for linux, and we hope they offer more