Canon MP250 scanner and printer drivers

I am trying to get Canon MP250 printer and scanner working in OpenSUSE 11.3 and so far I’ve had limited success. Both components work up to a point, but aren’t fully operational.
First of all, I installed the drivers from Canon website for both parts of the multifunctional device. Here’s the report on the versions (it’s localised, but it shouldn’t be hard to understand :slight_smile: ).

The printer works for the most part. But it fails to set images to greyscale when I request the driver to. There are some guides about that for Ubuntu, but none for openSUSE that I could find. Also, what does the setting “Amount of Extension” in the printer options do?
It would also be nice if I could set the printing quality as well. Right now it seems to print everything with the default quality setting, but personally I like using lower print quality since that saves ink and makes it a little faster.

The scanner, however, is hardly usable at all. If I try to use Canon’s ScanGear MP to scan, I can hear that it operates the scanner, but the program itself freezes and after a while gives me the “Cannot communicate with scanner” error. On certain settings I can also hear that the scanner itself doesn’t complete the scan (the indicator on it also reports an operation in progress, but it never gets completed).
If I try to use Acquire images, the native KDE scanner application, I can get it to scan, but only on very specific settings: it must scan it in colour and the resolution must be equal to or over 300 dpi. If I try anything else, the resulting image file is completely blank or I get an “Error during device I/O”. And, of course, it can’t save PDF files.

Any suggestions about this would be appreciated.

I’ve worked around the problems by simply using VirtualBox to handle the multifunctional device.

I have too an mp250 canon working fine it prints in color (but doesn’t allow me to print in B&W) and the scanner works pretty good!

Which scanning software are you using?

Go Here: Canon

and download the “scangear mp version 1.60 for linux rpm” then extract and go to “packages” then install first “scangearmp-common-1.60-1.i386.rpm” and second “scangearmp-mp250series-1.60-1.i386.rpm”.

in order to be able to use the scanner in opensuse you have to install this 2 files!

p.s. if you want the printer drivers you can download them from that same webpage!

I know how to get the drivers. Like I said in my first post, they give me an I/O error on certain settings.

I have a problem with my canon mp250 printer… can somebody help me?:frowning: