Canon M50 + Elgato CamLink for video and webcam


I have a setup with a Canon M50 + Elgato CamLink 4k that I use as a webcam and to record videos. I dual boot Linux Mint and there everything works. However for Tumbleweed the camera powers off after about 5 min and I need to press the shutter release button again to get a video stream. Everything else works fine, the only problem is the auto shutdown. I use OBS for recording as well as for the virtual camera that can be used with Zoom/Teams etc. Since the setup works on Mint I guess this is a Linux-side problem, and not a Camera-side one. I have used the setup for about two years.
So I remember that I had this problem with Mint as well, a couple of years back when I installed the camera, but I do not remember all the hoops I jumped through to fix it :shame:

If there are any Canon users out there on Tumbleweed I would be very happy with some pointers to how to begin solving this issue.


** Update, with possible solution **

So after a long series of frustrating attempts with no success I decided to blow the system partition and re-install. This time I went with Cinnamon, not KDE. Anyhow, the only thing I did now was to install the v4l* packages (v4l-tools, v4l2loopback*). I doubt Cinnamon vs KDE is the issue, so I guess perhaps some of the v4l* packages were missing in the last installation?

No automatic shutdown so far, so this time it works.

Fingers crossed :wink: