Canon LBP3300 questions

Hello all,
owner of firm where I work wants to buy Canon LBP3300 printer with network card so that we could use it as network printer. So far I havent had luck with canon printers under any edition of Linux. We have 43 computers in network and mostly we use Hewlett-Packard printers. Half of computers are under Mandriva 10.x and other half are under Suse 10.
Problem I had in the past is that Canon LBP3200 wanted to print imidiatelly after instalation, after first restart he didnt print at all. Sometimes, with string { # /etc/init.d/cups restart } he could start printing but after second restart he would stop again and then only reinstalation would help. I tried everything I could and then we bought Hewlett-Packard printers which still works without any problems.

So, question is: Did anyone tried to install, or do anyone use Canon LBP3300 laser printer either over USB or as NETWORK printer and do u have problems?

Maybe someone knows did these problems are solved or not. Many people had same problems with canon LBP printers under linux so any help will be great.

Thanks in advance.

( * “cndrvcups-common-x.xx-x.i386.rpm” : common module for CUPS drivers

* "cndrvcups-capt-x.xx-x.i386.rpm" : CAPT printer driver module

this 2 types of drivers were use when I had problems )

noone replied since july 2008 on this subject. Dont buy this printer cause linux drivers are pretty bad. From time to time printer stops printing, and then u cant do a thing to make it work again.
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