Cannot update firmware for Logitech G613 wireless usb keyboard.

I have a new Logitech G613 keyboard. Logitech offers a tool to update the keyboard’s firmware which, of course, is a Windows program. As one might expect, the program won’t install under Wine, so I installed it in a VMWare Player 15.5.6 virtual Windows 10 machine. The program installs and runs fine, however, it looks for a USB wireless keyboard and cannot find it. I receive the message, “There is no wireless receiver plugged into your device.” I don’t know, but I imagine the keyboard is being passed to the virtual machine as some kind of virtual device, while its identity is held by OpenSuse so that it can work in both the virtual machine and Linux. Is there a way to make the virtual machine recognize the keyboard as a native device so that the update program can access it?

That’s why fwupdate was invented… Switch to root user and run;

fwupdmgr --help

fwupdmgr upgrade

Upgrade available for Unifying Receiver from RQR12.01_B0019 to RQR12.10_B0032
Unifying Receiver and all connected devices may not be usable while updating. Continue with update? [Y|n]:Y
Downloading RQR12.10_B0032 for Unifying Receiver...
Fetching firmware
Downloading…             ***************************************] Less than one minute remaining…
Decompressing…           ***************************************]
Authenticating…          ***************************************]
Updating Unifying Receiver…   \                                  ]
Writing…                 ***************************************]
Successfully installed firmware

Thanks, Malcolm. Unfortunately, fwupdmgr doesn’t detect any upgradeable devices. I’m glad to know about it, though.

I would check a live version of Tumbleweed (eg the rescue one) and see if a later version works better…

Looks like the G613 isn’t supported (yet?), maybe ask Logitech when it will be?

Thanks. I’ll do that.


fwupdmgr update


AFAIK the device firmware is not on the site, if it’s not there… how will it update? Device is also a keyboard, not a ‘system’ update…

Cannot find parameter “upgrade” for “fwupdmgr”.


fwupdmgr --version
client version:    1.4.2

--version              clear-results          get-approved-firmware  get-releases           get-updates            modify-remote          set-approved-firmware  verify
activate               disable-remote         get-details            get-remotes            get-upgrades           refresh                unlock                 verify-update
clear-history          downgrade              get-devices            get-results            install                reinstall              update                 
clear-offline          enable-remote          get-history            get-topology           modify-config          report-history         upgrade  

fwupdmgr --version
client version:    1.0.9

build-firmware    clear-results     enable-remote     get-history       get-results       hwids             modify-remote     report-history    verify            
clear-history     disable-remote    get-details       get-releases      get-topology      install           monitor           unlock            verify-update     
clear-offline     downgrade         get-devices       get-remotes       get-updates       install-prepared  refresh           update            --version