Cannot start ksmserver

I have just installed KDE 4.5 (after running 4.4) - using yast “install software”. Now I cannot get into KDE and get the above message. Has anybody got an idea about how to recover from this (without re-installing everything)? How can I fall back to 4.4 in text mode (e.g. using zypper?>:()

Actually, looking at /var/log/messages I see the following: ksmserver …: segfault at c7e0 ip 0000c7e0 sp bfe9763c error 4 in kdeinit4[8048000+b000].

Re-install, after quick memtest and media check DVD.

Does your machine revert to text mode when you get the ksmserver message? If not, use ctrl>alt>F1 to get to text mode.

Start a new Xserver:


Start KDE:

DISPLAY=:1 startkde

See if KDE starts or look at the error messages for clues.


Ran into the same problem.

Fixed by going into yast and making sure every installed file on system was as per version specified in Index of /repositories/KDE:/Distro:/Factory/openSUSE_11.3

After updating the files which missed being updated on the first run and going to earlier releases on others, to match the repository versions, the system booted ok.

Hi keellambert
Had the same problem with my Laptop (Desktop went ok first time). I followed your recommendation as to updateing…!!!

Works !!! Thanks! lol!