Cannot see icons on desktop or in kickoff menu

I’ve tried whole night to get my ati fglrx driver installed, but now I still cant see those icon:](

I’m totally a newbie, and dont know what’s wrong.

Can you help me with that ?

I find it curious that the Firefox icon and the icons in the Systray work fine. What happens when you select a different icon theme in Systemsettings > Application Appearance > Icons (Alt+F2 and ‘kcmshell4 icons’ works too)?

I switched to Default Gnome Theme and…wow~ all the icons just come back!
Thank you, my Lord!

That’s good. Although not necessarily perfect, because now you are using the Gnome icons on a KDE desktop. What happens if you switch back to the Oxygen icons? It could be that there just had been some sort of glitch and that they now show.

If they don’t, check in your repositories if you have the icons installed. In YaST2 look for ‘oxygen-icon-theme’, ‘oxygen-icon-theme-large’ and ‘oxygen-icon-theme-scalable’. I am not entirely sure which one you would need, although I doubt it is the ‘-scalable’ because that package is really huge (~230MB).

sorry for the delayed reply. Yes they show up normally now !