cannot open shared object file

I’m a relative noob with openSUSE and Linux.I generally don’t install any additional programs but use whatever comes with the installation. When I have had a need to install another program, I’ve asked where I should install a program too. I haven’t generally had a consensus of where I should install programs to. So. In my naivete, I created a /bin folder under my /home folder and have installed programs there. My thinking being, I won’t have to reinstall them if I upgrade my openSUSE. This has probably led to me having some problems with these additional programs. With one program I’m getting this error message…

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.

My folder structure is…


So. I presume the program can’t find the libfile because either a)I’m not installing 3rd party programs correctly, or b) I need to add some/all of these to a PATH statement. If a) What am I doing wrong and where should I install 3rd party programs. If b), which folders should I add and where should I add them?

What’s the program?