Cannot Login, KDE won't start - OpenSUSE 11.3

when I enter username and password for the login and press Enter, the screen become dark and it redirect me at the login window!!
But, if I login with root credentials, I have not problems!!
Why??? How I can solve my problem??
Thanks a lot!

P.S. I’m Italian, so sorry for my bad English!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this a new install?

Did you try to boot from the Failsafe boot option?

no… this KDE version was installed with the Operating System… Is the 4 version (I think is the 4.4.4)…

Yes, I’ve tryed to boot from Failsafe option, but nothing…
I can login only with ROOT account…

Thanks a lot!

You shouldn’t login as root.

What graphics device do you have?

I have an NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT GPU…

I’ve tryed to create a new user, but when I try to login, it show me a grey box with this error:

Call to lnuser... failed. Directory full?? ...

(the “…” are because I don’t remember well :frowning: sorry… )


Sounds like the root directory is full. How much space did you give it? Also look in /tmp and see if you have a bunch of huge files.

OMG!!! Another problem related!!!
When I was loged in with ROOT credential, I tryed to play a video… The output of terminal sad me that there isn’t a monitor…
I’ve tryed to uninstall the driver of my graphics card but, when I tryed to install the latest version, it tell me:

signal caught, cleaning up

so, now I can login only with ROOT credential but only in Failsafe mode…
;( ;( ;(

Help me, please!!

Thanks a lot!!

Login as root and do this:
Clear Temp Files at Boot

Try a normal login

All done!!

I’ve manually removed all files and directory in /tmp (there was a 7GB’s file!!! a temporary backup that I interrupted :wink: ) and I have correcly install the driver of my card…
I have no problem more… I can login with my account without problems! ahahaahah

Thanks a lot!!!