cannot delete file "is a directory"

Hey all, so I have two folders which I cannot delete. I had transferred them to my computer via “Airdroid”
I was able to delete the contents of the folders, but now I am irritated by these two seemingly irremovable folders.
I have tried rm in terminal, at which point it tells me “…cannot delete…is a directory” I tried in superuser as well.
I’m not an advanced Linux user, so I might be missing something simple, or maybe I can change something in the folders options?
Any help would be much appreciated!
“Could not enter folder /home/spencer/guide” is what appears in the directory area when I open the folder.

Spencer:/home/spencer # rm /home/spencer/guide
rm: cannot remove ‘/home/spencer/guide’: Is a directory -this happens in terminal.

They’ve been sitting on my computer for quite some time. lol

Running Opensuse 13.2 now, if that is of any relevance.

This should work:

rm -rf /home/spencer/guide

It should remove “guide” and all of its contents.

If “guide” is really empty, then

rmdir /home/spencer/guide

“rmdir”: remove a directory (but it must be empty)
“rm -rf” recursively remove a directory and anything inside, and don’t stop for errors. The “-r” part is the recursive part, and the “-f” (for “force”) says to ignore errors.

Best done with great care, and preferably not as the root user (but as the owner if the file/directory). If done carelessly as root, you can delete everything in one mistaken command.

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You may need to run as root, or use sudo if you are set up that way.

sudo rm -rf /home/spencer/guide

Just always be very sure you want to delete what you want, when running “sudo rm -rf …” because when it’s gone… it’s gone and that includes any system files if you accidentally forgot where you were and didn’t put the entire address in the command :wink: