Cannot connet to PPTP VPN

I just configured a PPTP VPN. I added gre service and port 1723 (TCP) to firewall allowed services.
But I cannot connect to VPN.
If I stop the firewall, I can connet to VPN.
Please ¿Can anybody help me?
Thak you in advance.

Make sure that connection tracking is enabled. From ‘firewall-config’ (GUI)…

Options > Configure Automatic Helper Assignment, make sure it is set to ‘system’ (or ‘yes’). Make sure that you do ‘Runtime to Permanent’ to save the configuration permanently as well.

Thak you deano_ferrari!
I don’t know what I did with the directions you gave me, but now, I can connect to the VPN.
Thank you very much!

Glad to have been of help. :slight_smile: