Cannot change locale to variant of ES language in XFCE desktop

Basically the very same past problem as here

But since that one was already solved for that desktop, I thought better making another thread.

Like in that thread, already tried “sudo localectl set-locale es_AR.UTF-8” and rebooted, and still “locale” command shows everything “es_ES”.
In XFCE, this time no hinting configs inside ~/.conf or somewhere else…

Could someone help please?

What display manager are you using?

This has of course nothing to do with the desktop any user may use.

I assume you must concentrate on the fact that seting the locale in this way does work on one system, but not on the other. When that is solved (I hope it can be solved) it will be time to check if XFCE follows this in one way or another).

Sorry, I don’t know how exactly to check that

At most I went searching for installed display manager packages, out from gdm, sddm, etc; and there’s one installed called LightDM.

Seems the default in XFCE desktops anyway:

update-alternatives --display default-displaymanager

lightdm supports setting language per user and greeter offers interface to select it (on login screen select user or enter user name and in the top right corner there is drop down list of languages). The place to store it apparently changed over time, I have seen it in ~/.dmrc, /var/lib/lightdm and /var/lib/AccountsService/users. Currently it is apparenty stored via AccountsService, although lightdm may read other files if present. So try checking all these locations whether they contain stored language for your user.

Ace sir!

Just similar to the past thread, 2 steps:
Change to desired locale with “localectl set-locale desired_locale”
Log out of desktop, on login screen at top right corner select desired locale, log in back.
(Or reboot if feeling like it or needing it)

Solved for this desktop as well.
Thanks again very much sir.

Now I wonder why openSUSE installer (when installing system from scratch) doesn’t give an option somewhere to select specific language locales; at most gives the keyboard layout in very first installation screen.

I think I’ll have to conform with mentioning “solved” in the posts for the time being, because while I did read about the “SOLVED plugin”, I think I kind of expected something totally native to the boards software…