Cannot boot from usb to install openSUSE Tumbleweed on T470s

pure guess is that you added a one to /dev/sdb copying to a first partition rather then direct to the device.

The lines you posted look ok. but is that what you actually used??

I have used it, but not for opensuse.

Recent versions have a “dd” option, to make a “dd” copy to the device. This should work with opensuse isos, as it is equivalent to use the “dd” command on linux.

No, I never adds a 1 to the end of /dev/sdb. I know this clearly because I had read a lot before I did this.

Today, I tried the cp method. It gives me another failure. All symptoms are the same as those when I use dd or ImageWriter.

The USB thumb drive is the one I successfully used to install this system and is burned with Rufus under the option other than “dd” copy.

I have not tried the option of “dd” copy but the first one because of two reason: 1, I failed to use dd and I thought it might wiser the use an option other than “dd” copy; 2, it says I can use the rest capacity freely.

But as I stated in the reply to @gogalthorp in this same post, the other option works for me for installing openSUSE Tumbleweed.

This problem might be solved (because I don’t know if the patch has been implemented in current snapshot).

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