cannot access administartion router web page from subnet.

Previously the ISP router was connected via dsl line.
We just upgrade to fiber.

I manage the ISP router from subnet 3 as :

FIBER → ISP Router ( —> subnet 1 ] —> Another Router ( —> subnet 2 ] —> Another Router ( → subnet 3 ] → my computer.

We never change the ISP router configuration (as far I remember) as any things we need are configured in subnet 2 and subnet 3.

From my computer I cannot access the ISP web page with :


But I can access router web page of subnet 2 with :


And obviously I can access router web page of subnet 3 (which is on my subnet) with :


my resolv.conf is :


I did not know whet to serach for.

Any help is welcome

This really isn’t an openSUSE problem. It is a problem with your understanding of the configuration of your network. And you will probably have to work that out yourself.

That does not help me too much.

The problem is that you ISP router does not know how to reach you and like said, that is no openSUSE problem.

That does not help me too much.
And the problem is that I cannot reach the ISP router not the reverse as you said.

Are you trying to chain routers together in order to provide wireless network coverage to a house with thick, dense walls and/or mirrors?

I guess the first and most obvious steps would be to start by pinging your loopback address, and then if that succeeds, continue along the chain of other addresses you’ve (hopefully) configured for your network. For example

ping -c 3

…and if that succeeds…

ping -c 3 <the I.P. address of your computer in your subnet>

… and if that succeeds…

ping -c 3 <the gateway address.for your subnet>

and just continue up the chain until the pinging fails. Once you start getting failures, then you need to make sure that the gateway address for the router which cannot reach the next router, is an address which fits in the unreachable router’s configured subnet. For example, if a router is configured to have a gateway address of and translate that address into a subnet with a network address of, it will ignore any downstream router which does not have a gateway address of 192.186.3.x. You need to make sure that DHCP hasn’t caused an address to change unexpectedly or something.

That’s my best guess at what the most likely cause of the problem could be based on what you’ve said, but, if it’s a viable option, I’d recommend replacing those routers with switches if they aren’t necessary, so that you can skip any unnecessary configuration headaches.

I assume from reading your opening post and title that you have internet connectivity but just can’t access the internet gateway router’s web interface?

Let’s see what is returned by the following commands…


*Make sure that you have both ‘traceroute’ and ‘nmap’ installed first.


That does not help me too much.
And the problem is that I cannot reach the ISP router not the reverse as you said.[/QUOTE]

It does not help me too much that you indicate that what I write is not helping you :wink:

If you only changed the ISP router I am 95% sure that is the problem, keep in mind that for the ping to be working a packet has to travel to the device but also from the device back to your computer.

I am out.
I give you new as soon as possible.

Thank you every body for helping.