Canceling Installation

Ok, let’s say I have Vista installed and i try to install Suse. I get the whole graphical installer thing that starts on boot. How do I cancel that? Make it so I can boot Vista again?

ok here’s the proccess:

I had windows vista installed
I insert openSuse dvd and do the whole install thing
I boot my computer and suse opens its pretty UI for me to install

how do i stop suse from booting like that?


A bit unclear.

If you have done “the whole install thing” then when you re-boot you should have the pretty UI to get on and use, rather than “to install”

Unless the DVD is still in the drive and the machine is just booting from that again? In which case remove the DVD and boot from the hard disk.

Or do you mean you want to uninstall Suse?


You ran the installer from in windows. Not the way to do it. Read this post.
Update from Suse 11.0 to 11.1 - Page 2 - openSUSE Forums