Can you install software in a "persistent" bootable USB?

I followed the instructions here to build a bootable USB drive from the 32-bit Gnome 11.2 LiveCD. It boots fine, and I can do some little things. But if I try to go into YaST and install the missing software, it starts off but never finishes.

At first I thought this was a hardware problem, but I moved it to another machine and it’s still happening. The machine appears to be alive and functioning - I have a terminal window up on it and another session coming into it via ssh. But the install is paused and not doing anything, and there doesn’t seem to be any disk activity.

I’ve managed to get single software installs to go, but this one more or less dies every time. Is there some documentation somewhere about how “persistence” works, so I can figure out what’s happening?

It definitely looks like some kind of kernel-level issue now. I’ve got a “top” window open on the system and the load average is 30. It’s something in the I/O - memory management area. I’ve seen stuff like this happen with older kernels, but I thought 2.6.31 was better. Looks like I will need a power-cycle - “init 0” is not happening. :frowning: