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I posted this thread and since, I had to add the sytem log, I myself replied to it like three times, so it looks like it has replies, but it actually doesn’t!
Can someone kindly look at it once:
title: opensuse 11.2 crashes while running firefox and konqueror
date of post: 17 dec.,09

You need to give a lot more information than that; neither firefox nor konqueror crash when I am running 11.2

When does it crash? Immediately, randomly, etc.?

Does konqueror give a backtrace and, if so, have you managed to save it?

I’ve never found konqueror or firefox crash. Either you have a corrupt install (try removing and reinstalling either the apps or the whole OS) but before you do that run memtest from the installation CD. I have had several intermittent crashes that turned out to be one or two memory locations that were intermittently bad that happened to be used little under windows, hence didn’t show a problem but were used extensively under linux.

Changing the SIMM fixed the problem in one case, chaging the motherboard fixed the memory problem in the other case.

and of course the other thing that could cause both apps to crash (or do you mean hang) is a bad plugin installation. I’ve had that problem as well. Of course this would show up when you tried to browse a particular website from both firefox & konqueror

Like John said more info required.

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To the op the reply you are requesting will be properly addressed if you had link this to your original thread.

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