Can opensuse community set opensuse mirror in ?

Can you set opensuse mirror in []( ?) ?
Setting up mirror/repository/or rsync mirror/upload CD/DVDS/packages etc…

[]( ?)

Then we can download openSUSE dvd from there with better bandwith from Bangladesh.

On 03/26/2011 07:36 AM, colao wrote:
> Can you set opensuse mirror in ‘
> ( ?) ?

great idea!

but, the folks with the servers (in this case make the
decision of what they mirror and what they don’t mirror…

i mean the code is there on the net–free for all to download and
redistribute, all has to do to mirror it for you is to
just do it!

contact them and ask them to set up an openSUSE mirror
and, if is your ISP be SURE and mention that to them as
you ASK nicely…and, get all your friends to also ASK…

if you are in a (say) university IT course, then get your professors
(etc) to ask…using their university email address…get
acquaintances you may know in large, successful, well known Bangladesh
businesses to also ask using their company’s email address…

when you ask, point them to the page that helps them fetch and update
the mirror, here:

bottom line: it is who will decide if they host the
mirror, or not…

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On 2011-03-26 07:36, colao wrote:
> Can you set opensuse mirror in ‘
> ( ?) ?


THEY have to do it.

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