Can only reproduce one sound output at a time

The problem is basically that i can only have one thing reproducing sound at a time, for example, only one youtube video can reproduce sound while there are variuos other playing; but it is not only a browser thing, if, for example amarok is playing music, the browser will stop outputting sound.

I do believe that the problem started when i followed the guide of WineHQ to use wine with ALSA (WineAndPulseaudio - The Official Wine Wiki), because my wine could not reproduce sound if i did not execute it that way (there is a small posibility that the problem started before, my memory is a little skewed, but i am pretty sure that it started then).
Any way, that is the only multimedia modification that i have done.

Thanks beforehand!

If you stopped pulse audio from grabbing the audio device (by following that guide) then that will IMHO make it very difficult for pulse audio to mix and/or distribute audio simultaneous from multiple applications.

is there a posibility to sustain wine sound capacity, and the old sound flexibility in my system, without having to apply and undo the process every time i need it in a specific form?