Can I View windows drive content in dolphin?

I can see the drive partition inside of dolphin under the device header on the left, I sused to be able to click on it and it would ask me for password, now it wont even give me that, gives me this error

Could not enter folder /var/run/media/root/Storage.

If i log in as root i can see the files fine. if i use the dolphin super user also works fine,

I want to get inside the storage disk and sort through some pictures using gwenview but now that i cant login to access it anymore…

how do i get the drive to be accessible again? :frowning:

Take a screenshot of what you see in dolphin

For example my partitions are like this, one of which is windows

Post the result of:

cat /etc/fstab

Works for me … :expressionless:

don’t have image place to upload yet but here whats is in my device list inside of dolphin


20.0 GIB Hard Drive

80.3 GIB Hard Drive

New Volume (Duel Boot Windows XP Home)

Storage ( 250 GIB Storage For my XP Stuff)

SUSE Paste

Erro when i try to access Storage

An error occurred while accessing ‘Home’, the system responded: An unspecified error has occurred: Not authorized to perform operation

You can upload pictures to susepaste as well… :wink:

To your problem:
Can you please start Konsole and type the following:


What output do you get?

But if that is your error message:

Could not enter folder /var/run/media/root/Storage

then I think you already opened the drive as root, that’s why it can’t be opened as user anymore.
You have to “safely remove” it as root first (right-click on the drive in Super-user mode dolphin)

First, I’m curious

  • What is your openSUSE version?
  • What is your KDE version?
  • What do you think changed recently where you might have changed access permissions?

Likely the short answer that should “just work,” it won’t address the fundamental problem…
Just launch your app with root permissions, eg

kdesu gwenview

Am curious why the mount path runs through /var/run which is a volatile path and location created once the OS is up and running.


Because udisks2, which is used by KDE4 and GNOME3, mounts drives to subdirectories in /var/run/media/$USER/ to separate the users from each other.

That’s what makes me believe the OP has already mounted the drive as root in “Super-user mode dolphin”, because his error message is about “/var/run/media/root/Storage”.
And that would of course perfectly explain why he has insufficient permissions as user to access the mounted drive, i.e. /var/run/media/root/Storage.

This quick video I made shows how I mount and view my windows partition from openSUSE. After doing this I am able to mount, access, and write to the partition :slight_smile:

Note - Make sure you click the tickbox beside “Mountable by User” and if you want to be able to write files to the partition, you will need to editt the dmask and fmask parameters. dmask=002 and parameter fmask=113

Documentation - SDB:NTFS - openSUSE

the content for loginct is

1 1000 mee seat0

1 sessions listed.

inside of super user in the dolphin right click to device gives me and " UNMOUNT" Storage option…do you mean that?

Alt F2

kdesu gwenview

WORKS great!

OpenSuse 12.3 with all current up to date updates…
as for changes?
I messed allot with samba to get a local network running…I basicly did all the default stuff to get the network to talk to other computers…
the (OpenSuse) computers are talking through samba for sure now…took me some days to get that to work…mainly cause im coming out of being a strick windows user.

I like the kdesu trick for sure…that fixes this for me now.

Thats Great!! Scary thought to mess with partitions and mounts…im afraid that id one day turn on computer and find the windows Option in the grub menu gone…soo spooked with messing with anything that hints of messing around with the partitions and mount points…:open_mouth:

this video makes it look very easy and to the point actually…wondering if this at all would have any effect with accessing the drive it through windows somehow…or in my grub list of options??

On 2013-07-22 04:26, alienbee wrote:
> inside of super user in the dolphin right click to device gives me and
> " UNMOUNT" Storage option…do you mean that?


Or simply reboot, and do not log in as root.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 12.3 x86_64 “Dartmouth” at Telcontar)

I been able to use the kdesu to gwenview to view and move pictures and videos around -
but when i want to copy the file to view outside it in say for example play the video after i copy it to a home user directory …it keeps the file permissions as root and i cant open it in any of the video players outside of root?

so if i want to watch a movie thats is stored inside of ntsf drive through VLC it wont…cause VLC doenst play root owned files… and kafiene is just blank black screen,

How do I play a movie as user instead of root?

You can change the permissions as root.

From a GUI the best way us to use a file manager with root permission. So look in the menu. System-file Managers select one that says super user. Enter the root password when asked. Now you have a file manager running with root permission. go to the file in question in the Linux file system. Right click it and select properties. You can then change the permissions. either allow users to read or write or change the owner of the file.

Wow!! YES!!! that worked like a charm! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great reply!!