Can I trust to software from "openSUSE Build Service" newbie ?

Can I trust to software from “openSUSE Build Service” newbie ? I’m just newbie, and I can not get any answer from google and this forum.

I can not find some software in yast, than I found this

In there is lot of binary packages to download from home users. Personally I do not know any one from there. Can I trust them ? pls

Hello brdokoky and welcome to the community!:slight_smile:

First of all I recommend you use Software Search instead of because with Software Search you can search on a specific openSUSE version so the chance of breaking your system is reduced.

About your question it’s quite simple, do you trust the user who packaged that application?
In general there’s no problem with most of the package but it could be wrong.

And if such package breaks your system it’s most likely a packing fault than on purpose.

If you’ve got any questions left, feel free to ask!

Good luck!:wink:

Does that include ‘home:’-repositories? Because I strongly disadvise the usage of those, as they are (at least) 95% trash, badly packaged, badly managed. I would rely on the official openSUSE-repos (oss, non-oss, update) and well-established 3rd party repos like Packman - some forum members here even recommend to use those four sources only, at least when being a beginner. Either way, one should be able to judge the quality of a repository before using it. If in doubt, don’t use it.

I must be in the 5% with over 78,000 downloads from my home repositories :wink:

Now with the build service open for anonymous viewing it’s pretty easy to see what/how something builds and for sure there are terrible ones…

As gropiuskalle indicates, I also recommend sticking with the four main repositories to ensure you don’t start pulling updates from the other repositories that may break something.

Malcolm, I must admit I never tried any of your .rpms, but I am very sure what you package is top-notch stuff!

I mean it. :slight_smile:

Thank you, for your respond.
And what about security ? I do not know about programming, but is that software in “home” repositories “malware free” ? Or everything depends on packers ,what they use for patching their source ?

I don’t remember such cases, but in theory that’d be possible - and practically a lot of the packages in the home-repos can be considered unintentional malware, if you ask me. For starters, just don’t use them. Most likely you won’t need them anyway.

If you still feel the need to use any ‘home:’-stuff, ask here first before activating it.

You are fantastic . How can I see those stats ? I can not find them.

Thanks for advise. This is what all I needed.

Search on home:malcolmlewis to see them all, have no idea which packages though, I did ask for more info…

Hmmm, only a bit over 71,000 now… not sure how/when it’s produced.

This is my own stats I produce using osc;

Total Project 9
Total Packages 158
Total RPM’s 2999
Total SLE repositories 42
Total openSUSE repositories 68