Can I recover a document sent to a printer a few weeks ago or is it forever lost?

I printed a very important document off of the internet but did not save a copy of it. Is there anyway to recover that printed document in OpenSuse 13.1 I realize that I am grasping at straws. Does Open suse keep any record of files sent to a printer that is directly attached to the computer? Thank for any help that anyone can give. My hopes are not high but I know that the CIA and FBI can do wonders with past computer operations. I need some computer magic.

Maybe check the browse history…might find the palace you down loaded it from

There may be some trace in tmp but then again how long ago these things get changed over time.

You may find it in deleted files but the longer ago it was the less chance that anything but scraps are left

Unlikely. Jobs that didn’t get printed for some reason can be found in /var/spool/cups/ (starting with ‘d’), but completed jobs won’t normally be kept unless CUPS configured to do so in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf with ‘PreserveJobFiles On’.

OK, I will give up on that route. I am using Mozilla Firefox and I deleted my history. Can anyone help me recover deleted history in Firefox? If I could recover the history would I be able to get back to the printoff material even if the poster currently has removed it? Does ‘history’ save the page even if it is no longer there?

If you deleted history it is like any other file deletion the sectors used are marked for deletion but not erased. But the OS will start reusing those sectors since they are now free to use. So can you get the history file back maybe if you just deleted it but if you deleted it a week ago you won’t get it back but there may still be some sectors containing some data from that file. If you just deleted it then first off stop using the OS boot to some other media and make a total binary copy of you home. then using a program like testdisk try to recover the file. Note the longer you wait and the more you use the computer the less chance of recovering the complete file.

Was this a webpage or a dynamic document?

maybe ask google, in case you had a Google account and you were logged into you gmail account or so.

go to visit your browsing or search history with Google…?