Can I move the directories ?

hi folks ,

i`m absolute beginner in Linux and read the Manuals ,References and Sites on the Web.

i have found some programs in .tar.gz and have install it but the directories are on the Desktop .

Can i move it without Problems into another Place or must i reinstall ?

you can also answer in German



p.s.: I use OpenSuse just one Week

You should be able to move the directories without a problem.
Either use a file manager or the mv command.


if you are reading “Manuals ,References and Sites on the Web” very
GOOD for you, but you are getting information which is (in most cases)
generic Linux information…which is good to know…but not always
the EASIEST way in Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu or openSUSE…

here, the EASIEST and BEST way (imo) to install programs on openSUSE
is to use YaST…most of the main stream, ready to run programs will
be found using the four primary openSUSE repositories…

doing it that way will result in:
-dependencies being solved
-program files being installed where they should be
-the program being added to the menu system (icon to click)
-easy uninstall via YaST

become familiar with YaST through reading…NOT on the internet by
here, on the site…

start here:

if you prefer command line, then you are gonna love zypper!! (it is
introduced in the above Concepts page…

you are welcome to post here in english (yours is VERY good, by the
way) or German…you are WELCOME here…you may however find it
easier in your native language (i sure do) and might wanna post over
in which is linked to from the front page of
these fora…


When i can im using YasT and RPM-installings but some times the progs that i need are only tarballs and when i found a Way with tarball to choose the directory out of the Desktop ill do it.

i will read the mans of zypper .

After a exe attacking Virus i will made OpenSuse to my Main System.

That was my first Choice over years with Version 8.0 i`m started,but my school,works and family stays in front.

thanks for your praise


How are you downloading the tarball? If you look at firefox: edit>preferences choose the ‘always ask where to save files’ option, you can save the file where you like.
If its a source app, you and usually do all the compilation as a normal user, but will need to be root to rum the install.

i`ve downloaded with Firefox in my Userdesktop and install the tarball with the su option ( a newbie-Miss ,i think)


shall i move the programs in the /opt directory ??


no, do not move to /opt

Ronny: if you download a source tarball, and follow the normal 1-2-3 of:

make install

then two things you need to know:

  1. you do NOT have to be root until you get to the “make install” step

  2. after you have run “make install” you can delete the tarball, and
    the directory you unpacked it to, and all of that directory’s contents…

BECAUSE when you “make install” all the executable files, libraries,
doc files and whatever are put into existing directories (like
/usr/sbin) in the root file system and nothing in your /home needs to
be saved…

now, many of the README files you will run into will say that you can
install or run the program directly from the compile
directories…because when you run “make” you are building the
executable, which land IN the directory you are running “make”
in…but, when you then run “make install” as root you are putting a
copy of the program into “the system” where ALL users have access to
it…(remember, this is designed from the ground up as a multi-user

yes, this is UNLIKE the way windows does it…


Let me repeat for my newbie-brain;) : the tarball
2.change to root
3.unpack the tarball
6.make install
7.delete tarball files and directory ??

that`s really all?

It`s easy ! cooler than Windows and more user control by installing

The advice is not to change to root so early, as it is possible to do damage during the make stage to the system.

1)Unpack tarball
4)Change to root.
5)Many prefer checkinstall as it will try to make a local rpm that should be good for your machine but unlikely to be of good quality for others(Then you can remove it easily should you wish to). Or make install

ok i will try it after the running Update

thx so far


Also one other thing I’m presuming you are in the minority and really can’t find what you’re looking for in one of these places or

Then it isn’t always configure etc… you have to read the readme there is several different ways of building that have their own quirks.

Though I have to say I generally find with the Oss,Non-Oss,Pacman I’ve rarely not found something then including the 2 searches above I can only think of 2 things recently that I was playing with.

Also for checkinstall iirc you’ll have to install it.