Can I install the Deepin desktop environment alongside KDE?

Hi. I’m bored with my KDE desktop. I hear the Deepin DE is quite pretty and makes for a very nice experience.

Is it possible - and if so, how - to install the Deepin DE alongside KDE Plasma?

This seems like it should be a sensible thing to ask, but I can’t find any (current) information on how to do it. I’m not following some StackOverflow question from 2012. :slight_smile:

So, is it possible? And how?


There are packages available, see✓&q=deepin

… and this is not a foolish or dangerous thing to attempt? I like my data.

After installing deepin,
I’d expect that as usual you should be able to switch between Desktops by running the following and selecting the appropriate option

update-alternatives --config default-desktop

And if the above is not enough, then disable auto-login by doing the following, then reboot and when you are at the screen where you enter your username and password, somewhere on the screen will be an option to select your Desktop

YaST > /etc/sysconfig editor module > Desktop > Display Manager > DISPLAYMANAGER_AUTOLOGIN > clear the value (should be blank)


Remember that deepin is brought to you by China…just saying:P