Can I install opensuse 11.2 alpha on top of ...?

Before I install opensuse11.2 alpha and the question is.
I install first suse11.1 and can I install suse11.2 alpha on top of suse11.1 can I?
Please tell me only yes/no so I can open a new thread in other forums.
I really appreciate for u`r answer.



the dvd and net disks

Please Mike. Don’t post the same ? in more than one part of the forum.

FYI. Don’t even consider it. That you had to ask this question, is enough to tell me it’s a bad idea for you.

Answer is: Yes, you can. But from there on you’re on your own. It’s stated all over the place, that this is only for very experienced users and testers.
So, if you want the pleasure of a non-working, unstable system, go ahead. Change you car for a prototype in alpha stage too. And DO NOT POST about 11.2 not being stable or about problems with hardware.

The Suse 11.2 alpha is it live CD/DVD:\

Was that a statement or a question?

And if it was the latter, then you should not even consider to install an Alpha version (as you were already told twice before).

Akoellh wrote:

> Was that a statement or a question?
> And if it was the latter, then you should not even consider to install
> an Alpha version (as you were already told twice before).
all you have to do is look at how many posts and crazy questions this guy
has to see if he should try this or not i think sometimes he asks before
he searches lol i know kinda rude comment but sorry

So u r saying I can burn on DVD/CD install Live to try it out without messing around with other OS all together?.

=> YaSP (Yet another senseless post …)

Sometimes not to post would be a privilege for you.

If you are more than 10 years old, you should be ashamed of yourself by the drivel you drop into this forum.

  • Akoellh,

please mind your tone. If you feel the need to criticize other forum members for their behavior, please do so in a constructive and friendly maenner. Personally I found that this works best if it doesn’t occur in public. You can also use the report button and ask moderators to help out.

Thank you

Auf jedenfall Uwe es ist in ordnung er ist ja vergessen.
So anyway he his what other member see wait;).

Und ich dachte es liegt nur am schlechten Englisch, aber das Deutsch ist ja genau so grausam.

Junge, Du muss nicht jeden Mist hier posten, der Dir gerade einfällt, und vor allem solltest Du zumindest lesen, was ander User Dir als Antworten schreiben und es nicht ständig (wie hier z.B. in diesem Thread) ignorieren (und dann die praktisch selbe Frage noch mal stellen).

Liest Du eigentlich das, was Du hier postest auch mal durch bevor Du es absendest?

Und alle anderen User sehen, was Du hier schreibst, willst Du wirklich diesen Eindruck ständig hinterlassen?

Mit über 500 Beiträgen sollte man ausserdem so langsam wissen, wie man ein Forum bedient und nicht ständig Doppelposts im Minutentakt raushauen.

Ich finde es unverschämt anderen Leuten von denen man Hilfe erwartet so etwas vorzusetzen.

Ein wenig mehr Bemühen beim Verfassen der Beiträge ist selbstverständlich, hier sehe ich bei Dir keinerlei Lerneffekt und keinerlei Respekt vor den Leuten, die Dir hier helfen wollen und sich jedes mal durch dieses Geschreibsel kämpfen müssen.

Ich sage dir nur ein du bist ein kleine maus gegen mir,so du kleine maus was sagst du Hmmm.

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You’re BOTH moving very close to getting at least an infraction, and possibly banned. Take your personal dislike for each other elsewhere please. Consider this a warning.


Thank you I really appreciate you and you know