can I change the networkmanager interface file name?

I am on opensuse 11.1 and using networkmanager 0.7.0 for the most part, things are good. I am having an issue with the interface config file name that network manager uses. In /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections I find the file ‘System eth0’ (with the space in the middle) I want to use SCPM but it is choking on that file because it is not able to handle a file name with a space in it. I have tried many wany ways to ‘encode’ the space in the file path but SCPM will not have any of it.

Is there any way to change the name that network manager is using for that file?

thanks for you help

I do not know what SCPM is and I do not know what are the

many wany ways to ‘encode’ the space in the file path

you tried, so I hesitate to mention this, but in shells you escape a space by e.g. placing a \ before it. You can also put the filename between quotes (’ or ").

SCPM is opensuse’ network profile manager

and yes, i did try the \ before the space. I know this is really a problem with SCPM, but I am trying to work around it’s shortcomings


bump…any one have any idea’s?


I’m new to Linux so what I’m about to say may be total rubbish. But can you not get the source code (assuming it’s OSS), make the change there and recompile it? The trouble with that approach is that every time there is an upgrade you’ll have to do the mod again.

Might also be worth letting the developers know of the issue if a bug hasn’t already been raised so it can be fixed in the next release.

I’m having the same issues as you (as you know from your other thread) but I’m too new to Linux to rally know how to go about fixing things like this. I haven’t even got a grasp on what’s in all the various directories yet.

I would put a bug report in, but I do not know who is responsible for the utility. if you know, please share and I will put a bug report in

In fact it’s not really a network profile manager but a System Configuration Profile Manager.

It can do more than just the network, it can help you configuring different X server setups, printer setups, etc…

Submitting Bug Reports - openSUSE

yes, but all I really need is it to switch out network manager files…and that is the issue. because network manager uses spaces in its file names, and scpm does not support spaces in the names…i have this issue

I don’t know if you made any headway with this but I came across this in the suse manual. Not sure it will be of any help.

SCPM Does Not Switch the Network Configuration You are probably using SCPM together with NetworkManager. NetworkManager is not currently able to work with SCPM profiles. Do not use NetworkManager together with SCPM when SCPM profiles also change network settings. To use SCPM and NetworkManager at the same time, disable the network resource in SCPM configuration.

It’s the bit I put in bold that got my attention. I have no idea what it’s referring to as I wasn’t able to find the SCPM config file.

Have you tried using a symlink ‘ln -s ./System eth0 ./System_eth0’ ?