Can I blacklist updates?

I got an update for Flash player that I don’t want to install.

Can I set up the applet to not show me that update again without installing it?

I tried marking it Taboo but it doesn’t hold.

Is there a problem with the particular update?

If it is a security update (which I assume that it is) it is not possible to make it as taboo - so you just have to ignore it. In that case it is best to uninstall the update applet and just check yast on a manual basis to see if there are any (other) security updates that you need to install.

try this:

zypper al “Package Name”

this should add a “Lock” to that package, preventing it from updating. I’ve been told that yast will follow the package locks (yast uses zypper for the updates" but I’m not totally convinced. But that should /will lock the package from updaates

None of these suggestions worked so I ended up uninstalling the updater (reluctantly).

> None of these suggestions worked so I ended up uninstalling the updater
> (reluctantly).

I agree, locking packages to not be updated is broken and has been for
awhile. It just gets ignored if you set it and worse the updater continues
to nag about it. My solution was give up and install everything so I can
keep my green updater icon. Really hasn’t bothered me too much. Kernel
updates are the worst though since I have to recompile vmware each time, and
it’s a crap shoot if it will actually compile. Thus sometimes I stare at
‘red triangles’ for a week or so while I wait to see if anyone is screaming
about broken vmware.

Well I’m already in the habit of checking for updates in the terminal so it will probably work out well for me since zypper up/dup will not try to update a locked package.