Can anyone recommend a word processing program?

Hi, alright yeah I know there is openoffice but writer works horribly for me cause of this bug:

as long as I user writer my entire desktop goes black and flickers amazingly it only happens with writer and not other openoffice programs and I need the word processor a lot so can someone recommend another one as good as writer at least.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Have you tried Abiword?

no, I never even heard of it, is it good?

alrigh so abiword is gtk and I have a feeling it may not work well either and I can’t install koffice cause of dependency issues with kde 4.1 beta so anything else or should I give abiword a try?

You might also consider the LYX Document Processor. It is an officially supported openSUSE package.

thank u I will check that out

Alright thanks again, I just tried AbiWord and it works fine :slight_smile:

beyond a mere wordprocessor ThinkFree is also a great product and has pretty good Mickeysoft integration if that is important.

Thinkfree Boundless

it is not the easiest to install but as far as I know no GTK dependencies and looks slick as well. The only downside (which one can appreciate too if one os mobile) is that I believe the free version stores the documents in an online folder.


thanks again but I am actually happy with abiword for now, but I hope openoffice is alright soon :slight_smile:

OOo 3 will be so much better anyway. I am running the beta on Arch and it is looking great, well not looking visually because it still has this win95 look to it but at least it has native OOXML support (jay!). it is still GTK though.


why don’t they make it Qt4?

because we don’t all like QT4 perhaps? FF is GTK too as well as (of course!) the Gimp and pidgin and for those running gnome/*box/xfce this is no problem at all since they run GTK natively. And in the last linux statistics I saw people running GTK based WM’s - or just gnome - for that matter outnumber people running QT (with ubuntu,fedora,SLED among the distros having a default gnome WM). QT4 is still in its infancy so I would not expect the devs to switch to a niche WM any time soon.

Besides QT4 is developed by trolltech (nokia now) with a semi free license which some devs do not appreciate and therfor choose the GPLled GTK toolkit.


oh ok thanks :slight_smile: but I hope openoffice 3 works better with kde 4 at least then

I agree with cryovac. Lyx is a very good document processor, but it’s a little more higher end. If you have to do just regular essays or the like Lyx is not what you need. BUT if you need to make professional documents (say, you’re a writer or a grad student) Lyx is the best option. It has a small learning curve, but it’s definitely worth it.

i recently sacked open office 3 on opensuse 11, kde 4.1.3, due to the fact that every time i went to ‘save as’ it froze up, and couldn’t kill it, seems there were 2 sbinoffice processes running one called a zombie, anyway gone onto koffice with no problems, i hope OO fix the issues for later on :slight_smile: